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  • The good news, and the bad news... The good news, and the bad news...

    In the spirit of optimism, let us not dwell on the activities we cannot have at this year's Rutabaga Festival, but instead focus on those that we can have!

    I am happy to announce that this year, the Craft Fair, Run/Walk and Golden Baga Hunt will be happening! We are close to the day of the Craft Fair, and technically the Golden Baga Hunt and Virtual Run/Walk have already begun so we hope you are enjoying those events through the month. Below you will find information on these events, and as always if you have more questions, just reach out to the Chamber Office via phone or email. 


    Thank you so much,

    Chamber Coordinator- Cara Greene

  • Rutabaga Craft Fair-

    Just as in year's past, the craft fair is a gathering of local artists who have worked hard to put together hand made goods of all shapes and sizes. We encourage you to come down on Saturday, August 29th to view their hard work and find unique gifts for yourself or friends.  

    2020 Rutabaga Craft Fair- Saturday August 29th from 8AM-4PM

    Visit the event page here for more details.

    8/15/2020- The map is now finished for the new layout of the vendor spots for this year. Note that on the North end of the map in the spots marked with an E or W the craft vendors will be located and the Farmers' Market vendors will be located in the spots to the South. We are excited to have a healthy mix of different crafts and the offerings of the Farmers' Market all in one space for your convenience.

    8/1/2020- A finalized map is being drawn up as we speak for the vendor layout. Please note that ALL VENDORS will be located along the municipal parking lot that lies between main street and Library Lake. This is also the space where the beer gardens and carnival rides would typically be, and where the Farmers' Market is held each Saturday. Please have patience as we work to fit everyone in and ensure that enough space is left between vendors to allow for social distancing. We still have plenty of vendors planning on coming! The vendors from the regular Farmers' Market will be there along with the crafters which will be a change from the usual way of doing things, but really everything this year isn't how we normally do things. 



  • Rutabaga Walk/Run Goes Virtual!

    We are ecstatic that this event was able to be worked into this year's celebrations. We have joined the many others who will be holding virtual races instead of in person events.


    8/7/2020- Registration is now up and running both online and via snail mail! If you would like to register online, click this link here. If you would like to register via snail mail, a copy of the form can be found on the Rutabaga Run Event Page here. Fill out your information and send the form back to the Chamber Office with your payment. Lastly, you can stop into the Chamber Office during office hours and fill out a sheet or pick some up to fill out at home!


    7/31/2020- You are still able to register for this event online here. If you are planning to pick up your shirt in person, you will not have to pay for shipping, but there is an option to add on the shipping cost for those who will not be in the area. We are still planning on emailing and snail-mailing out registration forms to all the past participants once we draft up a new registration sheet with the details for this year. Registration will close on Saturday August 29th at 4:00PM. Our course manager is planning on marking out the usual course for those who will want to run it on their own time and socially responsibly. Please note that there will be no traffic management, so runners will be running at their own risk when following the course. We want to encourage you to not gather in large groups as much as possible and keep your race team confined to those who are in your regular social circle when you go to run your course. Note that we are not keeping any official track of times this year, but if you would like to show off your time and participation you can post on Facebook and tag the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce in your post. More updates are coming that will show off the shirt design, pick up times and locations for the shirts and more information on registration. 


  • The Golden Baga Hunt

    A socially-distant event to begin with, the Golden Baga Hunt falls well within the restrictions set forth by the county and local government. As you are hunting, please be mindful of others' space, private property and make sure you are keeping your social circle small when hunting with friends. Stay tuned to the local advocate for the clues!


    8/1/2020- The first clue will be released on Wednesday in the Cumberland Advocate. If you do not have a subscription to the Advocate, I strongly suggest you get one, they're only $34 for an entire year's worth as long as you live in the nearby counties, and the price only goes up by $4 if you live out of state. Click this link here to be taken to the site where you can set up your subscription online. If you really don't want to subscribe for an entire year's worth of news and happenings in the Island City, you can also buy your paper week to week at one of the many local businesses that stock them. Please remember that clues will only be released in the Cumberland Advocate, so if you want to find the Golden Baga, you better support the local newspaper! 




  • Baga Buttons

    Baga buttons are a great way to preserve the memory of the festival in a small package. Buy them to send to those who have moved out of town and can't make it this year. Add this year's button to your collection if you've been buying one every year. If you purchase a button and happen to find the Golden Baga, you're in for an extra big prize! And of course, there's button drawings during the usual Rutabaga week! Just $2 each, you can purchase Baga Buttons from the Chamber Office during office hours.