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  • Small businesses are the engine that runs your local communities. They employ your neighbors and friends and donate to local fundraisers and school activities. During this time when we are told to stay close to home, you can still support those who have been there when you needed them in the past. The following businesses are offering services online or by phone via gift card or product sales. We highly recommend all the businesses on this list!


  • Barb's Custom Imprint Shop ~ Imprinted promotional products and apparel ~ Website ~ (715) 822-2399

    Alternativa Solution ~ Alternative Options for Investing ~ Website ~ (715) 318-4653

    Louie's Finer Meats ~Purchase Apparel, select Meats & Gift Boxes, & Gift Cards Online ~ Online Shop ~ (715) 822-4728

    Ficocello's Aveda Concept Salon/Spa ~ Call in your order and have it shipped to your door~ Website ~ (715) 822-3133

    Jacobson Advanced Eye Care ~ Call to re-order contact lenses, and get help with glasses or eye emergencies ~ Office (715) 822-2091 ~ Emergencies (715) 671-5248

    IdleWild Outfitters ~ Curbside Sales, Gift Cards Available Online ~ Website ~ (615) 238-2760

    Auto Value ~ Curbside Pick Up and Shipping Options ~ Website ~ (715) 822-8337

    Cumberland Library ~ Log Into your MORE account and reserve books for curbside pick up ~ Website ~ (715) 822-2767



  • Chamber bucks or Chamber certificates are one of the best ways to support the local economy. This is a program that allows you to purchase a gift certificate that can be used at a multitude of area businesses, not just in Cumberland, but also at Cumberland Chamber Member businesses in Rice Lake, Spooner and Barronett. For a full list of participating businesses, view our business directory, these businesses are also listed on the back side of the Chamber Bucks. These gift certificates have no expiration date, so they are great for both year-long residents and also those who Summer, or spend the weekend up here.

    Chamber Bucks can be purchased at Cumberland Federal Bank by visiting them in the drive through during business hours (Mon-Fri 7:45AM-4PM, Sat 7:45AM-11:30PM), calling them at 715-822-2249, or by contacting them via email at cfbsupport@cumberlandfederal.com .